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I’m Merlin The Golden

Join me on my journey as we explore the world together, finding new dog-friendly destinations and making the most of our time with our furry friends!

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Discover the best toys and treats for your furry friend!

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Wanna take a walk, but don’t know where?

Lifestyle & Adventures

The fully energetic life of Merlin, join the pawty!

What my peers say

The whole is much more than the sum of it’s part. Meet our team!

Bark Twain

Dog Relationship Developer

Stop it fren long water shoob you are doing me a frighten clouds woofer, clouds the neighborhood pupper heckin good boys and girls.

Mary Puppins

Head of Barketing

Blep you are doing me a frighten doggorino very jealous pupper puggorino, wow very biscit borkdrive.

Mary Andrews

Branch Manager

Heckin good boys and girls you are doing me the shock snoot wow very biscit, woofer shibe adorable doggo very taste wow.

Featured Articles

Other than my daily dog duties I like to write a lot. My blog is a vibrant and engaging place that offers a unique perspective on the Golden Retriever lifestyle. Written from the point of view of a veritable Golden Retriever, this blog is filled with personal stories, experiences, and insights regarding my daily life. From tales of adventure and fun outings to tips on how to keep your Golden Retriever healthy and happy, Merlin’s Blog covers it all. Join the reading community!

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